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There’s always a seat at our Shabbat table, and you’ll find us here at Hillel every Friday. For all other holidays, come back to this page to stay connected throughout the year. We’ll make it easy with your Jewish CALendar magnet, always available for pickup at Hillel or when we’re tabling on campus!

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Purim is March 16-17! We’re already busy planning a wacky Adar (the Jewish month of topsy-turvy) and wild Purim festivities for the Berkeley community. Stay tuned! 

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Events all week long March 14-18! 

Celebrate at Home

Can’t make it to Hillel? Have a festive meal with friends! 

Celebrate through Learning

Purim celebrates the story of Megillat Esther. Our hero Esther resides in Shushan, where the King Achashverosh marries her without knowing she is a Jew. Queen Esther is tasked by her uncle Mordecai to save the Jewish people from the genocidal plot of Haman (boo!), the King’s vizier. She prevails (spoiler alert), saving the Jews of Shushan and preserving Jewish practice for the next generations. Purim is celebrated through the public reading of Megillat Esther, a festive meal (seudat mitzvah), giving gifts to poor folks (matanot l’evyonim), and exchanging gift bags with friends (mishloach manot). We also wear costumes, put on pageants (spiel), and act, for lack of a better word, silly.