Facility Rentals

Berkeley Hillel is a newly-renovated Jewish community center located in the heart of the UC Berkeley campus area. Directly across from Berkeley Law, Berkeley Hillel has 9,000+ sq. ft. of event space for parties, conferences, graduation events, and more!

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*Please Note: There is no available kitchen access during outside rentals.

Available Spaces

Your Rental Includes:

  • One set-up of chairs and tables (Berkeley Hillel can provide limited chair and table options)
  • Trash, compst and reqycling bins are provided and removal of all debris
  • See below for room-specific amenities

Bakar Auditorium & Banquet Room (2nd floor)

Capacity: 230 lecture seating, 180 banquet seating

Amenities: Built-in Projector, speakers, microphones, optional outdoor deck access

Dov Den Lounge (1st floor)

Capacity: 80 lecture seating, 40-50 at conference tables, 60-70 at banquet tables

Amenities: Optional Smart TV cart with Chromecast, Modular and moveable lounge furniture, Kitchenette

Rodan Beit Midrash (3rd floor)

Capacity: 50 lecture seating, 25-30 conference-style seating

Amenities: Optional Smart TV cart with Chromecast

Classroom (1st floor)

Capacity: 50 lecture seating, 25 conference seating

Amenities: 85″ Smart TV with Chromecast, Conference phone, Video Conferencing, optional courtyard access

Lapan Conference Suite (2nd floor)

Capacity: 12 lecture seating, 12 conference seating

Amenities: Smart TV with Chromecast, Whiteboard

Cohn Family Conference Room (3rd floor)

Capacity: 18 lecture, 12 conference seating

Amenities: Whiteboard, Optional Smart TV with Chromecast

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Email Office Manager Anna Fogelman (annaf@berkeleyhillel.org) for information about rentals at Berkeley Hillel.

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