Dov Alumni Club

The Dov Alumni Club is an opportunity for Alumni to support a cherished home away from home while you were at Cal. Your contribution of $36 per year will establish and sustain your membership in this dedicated group of Hillel-for-lifers! And we’ll send you a custom car deCal. There will be DAC gatherings throughout the year enabling you to meet, reunite and celebrate with your fellow alums.

The Dov members who give a minimum of $1000 will receive a beautiful Customized Travel Havdallah Set.

Join the Dov Alumni Club today! If you have questions please contact Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman, Executive Director, at

2022-2023 Dov Alumni Club Members 

Abe Friedman and Jen Mathews Friedman
Al and Ann Barton
Alana Rotter
Anne Sipes
Ariel Beliak
Aviv Gilboa
Cheryl Zatkin Steres
Danielle Natelson
David and Ami Zusman
David Lapan
Doug Goldman
Eugenia Shekhtman
Gary Shapiro
Heath Silverman
Jason Goldman
Jeffrey Abrams
Jeff Schoenfeld
Jeremy Rosenthal
Joey Freeman
John and Reva Segall
Justin Radell
Kenneth Kofman
Kevin Perkins
Louise Kaderlan
Michele Breslauer
Marianne and Herb Friedman
Matthew Goldman
Martin Blank
Martin Harband and Gail Friedman
Mel Levine
Noah Stern
Ofer Tenenbaum
Oren Gabriel
Paul and Sue Hoffman
Rabbi Eli and Bonnie Herscher
Robby Kaufman
Ron and Barbara Kaufman
Sheldon and Barbara Rothblatt
Steven Ostrow
Tammy Plotkin-Oren
Tara Raffi
Thomas Heller
Uri and Myna Herscher
Vicki and Todd Scherwin
Vitaliy Vatkovskiy