Soup Patrol is back!


“I’m thankful you have this service. I feel bad I can’t be there for my daughter. I am grateful I can send her soup.” – Parent of Hannah S, Class of 2022

“Whoever visits the sick it is as if he removes part of his sickness.” – Maimonides

“We hope you get well soup!” – Berkeley Hillel Staff

Soup Patrol delivers frozen kosher chicken noodle OR vegan lentil soup to sick students on campus, at no cost! If you’re feeling sick, or know someone who is feeling sick, please fill out the form below to place your soup order for Monday through Thursday delivery during the academic year.


  • All orders are placed online via the form below.
  • There is a 4:00 pm deadline Monday through Thursday in order for soups to be delivered that night. Soup ordered after 4:00 pm or over the weekend will be delivered on the next soup delivery evening.
  • Delivery times are in the evening, Monday through Thursday. Please ensure the student will be home during those hours.
  • We do not deliver Friday through Sunday, Jewish and University holidays, or during the summer months.
  • If it is not convenient for the soup to be delivered in the evenings, you may make arrangements to pick up the soup at Hillel from 9-5 pm during the week.

If you would like to make a donation to support this program, please click here. Questions? Email Jessica at Please do not email your order; only orders submitted via the form can be fulfilled.