Berkeley Hillel Birthright trip is back! Join us for Winter 2021.

Berkeley Hillel sends 30 Cal students to experience Israel together!

If you’d like to be connected with someone who has participated on the trip or would like more information, please contact Bar Ben-Harush at He’s happy to answer your questions and meet with you over coffee!

You can register today!


The stuff you’ll see:
  • Jerusalem’s Old City and Western Wall
  • The Negev and Judean Deserts
  • The Sea of Galilee
  • The Mediterranean Coast
  • The Dead Sea and Masada
  • Tzfat, the birthplace of mystical Judaism
  • Tel Aviv, the cultural capital of Israel

The stuff you’ll do:

  • Desert camel riding
  • Cultural and culinary events
  • Bedouin tent experience
  • Shopping in Jerusalem’s outdoor markets
  • Ancient tunnel crawling
  • Group and free nights out on the town

The stuff you’ll experience:

  • Celebrating Shabbat in Israel
  • New friendships with Israeli peers
  • Breathtaking sunrise atop Masada
  • Yad V’Shem Holocaust Center
  • Experiencing beach culture in Tel Aviv

Check out a video from Berkeley Hillel’s trip a few years ago!

Any more questions? Email Bar, our Israel Fellow, for more information.