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Study Abroad Programs in Israel


Fellowships in Israel

Go Eco

GoEco specializes in ecological and humanitarian volunteer projects in Israel. Fellowships include kibbutz-style living, humanitarian aid projects, and peacebuilding initiatives in diverse locations throughout the country. Volunteering through GoEco offers a budget-friendly, low carbon footprint way of experiencing Israel.

The Goldberg Fellowship

Through the Jewish Federation of Allentown Pennsylvania, the Goldberg Family offers an annual Fellowship in memory of Melvin Morris Goldberg to allow an undergraduate engineering student from any U.S. University to visit Israel in the summer to perform supervised technical research at an Israeli University.

International EMPH in Emergency and Disaster Management

The School of Public Health at Tel Aviv University offers an International EMPH in Emergency and Disaster Management taught in English. In this one year, multi-disciplinary program, students are given the opportunity to explore life in Israel while learning from experts in the field of Emergency and Disaster Management.