Berkeley Bear Mishpacha

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The Berkeley Bear Mishpacha is a special giving community of parents and grandparents that supports Jewish students at Cal.


This is a new opportunity for families to give back to their student’s home away from home and support students’ Jewish journey. Your help is needed more than ever as our students struggle during this challenging school year.

Many Cal Jewish students have shared that Hillel is the only campus organization that is continuing to check in on them, making sure they’re safe and doing well, and providing numerous opportunities for connection, joy, and learning even during these tough times.

By joining this giving society, Berkeley families commit to contributing at least $50 per month or $500 annually. It’s a way for families to show their love and support for our Jewish students and invest in the future of Jewish life at Cal.  We’re so grateful to our parents for their leadership and commitment! Members will also receive a gift as a small token of our deep appreciation.

Please join our Berkeley Bear Mishpacha Parents Group on Facebook to connect with other parents, receive updates on upcoming programs, and share ideas and questions.

Why We Give – Karen and Zev Fried, Parents of Lucy ’24

“With our coffee from Strada (a staple, we were told), my daughter Lucy and I arrived in the beautiful new Hillel space very close to campus and were greeted very warmly by Rabbi Naftalin-Kelman. The welcoming atmosphere, the cozy nooks to do homework and hang out, the weekly barbecues for students, the Shabbat dinners, and the leadership opportunities all showed us how a large school like Cal can become a close-knit community. As her mom, I was happy to know that among the zillion opportunities offered at such a large and wonderfully diverse school, Hillel would be there to ground her and offer a community.”

“We are so grateful for the meaningful ways Hillel continues to create community for Lucy, and for all Jewish students, during this challenging time. And we are excited for what Hillel will offer in the near future. Therefore, we are offering a pledge of financial support for Lucy’s four years at Cal and invite other families to join us.”


Founding Members of the Berkeley Bear Mishpacha:

Michele Breslauer & Jeffrey I. Abrams, Parents of Sam ’21
Karen & Zev Fried, Parents of Lucy ’24
Joel & Michelle Greenberg, Parents of Josh ’22
Gabriella & Jeffrey Kaplan, Parents of Alex ’22 and Jess ’25
Michele & Scott Layne, Parents of Ethan ’23
Susie Marcus & Ross Libenson, Parents of Jake ’21
Laura-Beth & Jack Sholkoff, Parents of Ronit ’22
Wiebke & Rabbi Stuart Light, Parents of Ana ’23
Tammy Plotkin -Oren & Arnon Oren, Parents of Ella ’24

Returning Members of the Berkeley Bear Mishpacha:

Meredith Fuchs & Jeff Chyatte, Parents of Zoe ’24
Michele and Jeremy Bollinger, Parents of Isie ’24
Ariella Kelman & Alex Sherstinsky, Parents of Leeza ’23
Amy Einhorn & Matt Futterman, Parents of Tess ’23

New Members of the Berkeley Bear Mishpacha:

Jana and Bruce Richland, Parents of Josh ’24
Yvette and Paul Joffe, Parents of Ian ’23
Robin and Barry Steinmetz, Parents of Abby ’23
Kathy Emanuel and Dr. Bruce Yawitz, Parents of Samantha ’25
Stephanie and Alan Pullman, Parents of Sasha ’25
Anonymous Donor
Oksana and Dan Jacobowitz, Parents of Anna ’25
Wayne and Rebecca Selk Levin, Parents of Jenna ’23

To qualify for membership, parents commit to at least $50 per month.
We thank you for your leadership and commitment!

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