Berkeley Bear Mishpacha


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The Berkeley Bear Mishpacha is a special giving community of parents and grandparents that supports Jewish students at Cal.


The Berkeley Bear Mishpacha provides a space for families of Hillel students to give back to their Jewish “home away from home” and enables Hillel to deliver impactful and joyful programming to your students! 

Becoming a member of the Mishpacha is a commitment to contribute a meaningful gift from your family. The minimum giving level is $50/month or $500/year. It’s a way for you to show your love and support for Jewish students at Cal and invest in the future of Jewish life on campus and throughout these students’ lives. Members will receive a Berkeley Bear Mishpacha gift set as a small token of our deep appreciation.

We’re so grateful to the families of Cal Hillel students for their leadership and commitment!

Why We Give – Lisa and Alan Petlak, parents to Andrew ’26

“We support Berkeley Hillel because it provides a Jewish home away from home for our son. Berkeley Hillel is a warm and caring community where our son can celebrate Shabbat and the holidays, study, or just be together with his friends. From Wednesday night community BBQ to Shabbat and holiday meals to fun and engaging activities, we appreciate the vital role that Berkeley Hillel fills in supporting the Jewish community at UC Berkeley. Thank you for being there, Berkeley Hillel!”






Berkeley Bear Mishpacha

Laurie and Daniel Aladjem, Parents of Gabi ‘24
Lydia and Michael Amar, Parents of Eden ‘26
Ron Artstein and Nancy Hall, Parents of Carmel ’27
David and Sharlee Bergman, Parents of Kylie ‘ 27
Michele and Jeremy Bollinger, Parents of Isie ‘24
Vicki Botnick and Joshua Meyer, Parents of Auden ‘26
Jared and Sydnee Breuer, Parents of Samanthat ’24
Karen and Alan Brutman, Parents of Aiden ‘26
Jeff Chayette and Meredith Fuchs, Parents of Zoe ’24
Pam Kunick Cohen and Mitch Cohen, Parents of Gabrielle ‘24
Chuck Conway and Dodi Rubenstein, Parents of Daniel ‘25
Michelle and Brian de Haaff, Parents of Jason ‘26
Karen and Lenny Dunn, Parents of Michael ’27
Kena and Ben Efriam, Parents of Tallia ’26
Marc and Mari Ettlinger, Parents of Maia ’27
Joy Feld, Parent of Jolie 27
Nikki and Josh Feldman, Parents of Lily ’27
Andrea and Jason Feldmar, Parents to Zachary and Cameron ‘25
Karen and Zev Fried, Parents of Lucy ‘24
Ravid Haselkorn Galatin and Peter Galatin, Parents of Nesyah ‘ 26
Ilanit and Oded Gal, Parents of Ori ‘25
Celso Gufreind, Parent of Mariana ’25
Debie and Don Gallo, Parents of Emily ’21 and Joshua ’25
Brad Glickman, Parent of Blake ’27
Elizabeth Grossman, Parent of Shai ’26
Celso Gutfriend, Parent of Mariana ’25
Chris Herbert and Debra Silverman, Parents of Jude ’27
Shelly and Mark Hiskey, Parents of Anna ’26
Mady and Arthur Jablon Charitable Foundation, Grandparents of Emily ’21 and Joshua ’25
Oksana and Daniel Jacobowitz, Parents of Anna ‘25
Laurie and Michael Kamras, Parents of Alex ’27
Jeffrey and Gabriella Kaplan, Parents of Alex ’22 and Jess ‘25
Marc and Haley Karish, Parents of Michael ’23, and Benjamin ‘26
Sylvia and Mark Karlan, Parents of Joey ’27
Andrea Kopke, Parent to Jonah ’25 and Lillah ’27
Pamela Kurland and David Marchick, Parents to Hannah ‘24
Lisa Langer and Dan Siegel, Parents of Jacob ’26
Jane and Robert Lewit, Grandparents of Alex ‘26
Anna Brock and Alex Makler, Parents of Lily 27
Gabi Handler Marks and Don Marks, Parents of Noa ’27
Sari Markowitz and Stephen Odden, Parents of Claire ’26
Lisa and Alan Petlak, Parents of Andrew ‘26
Irene and Rich Peterson, Parents of Alex ’24
Tammy Plotkin-Oren & Arnon Oren, Parents of Ella ‘24
Alan and Stephanie Pullman, Parents of Sasha ‘25
Dorit Rabbani and Jason Shames, Parents of Yoav ’25
Jana Lehman and Bruce Richland, Parents of Josh ‘24
Dale and Ayala Robinson, Parents of Luca ’27
Rene and Matthew Rodman, Parent of Maxwell ‘26
Joe and Luba Rosenblum, Parents of Sophie ‘25
Melissa Sandler and Adam Schaffer, Parents of Ezra ’26
Michele and Jeff Shepherd, Parents of Elizabeth ‘26
Anne and David Sipes, Parents of Danielle ‘26
Miriam Souccar, Parent of Noa ’25
Robin and Barry Steinmetz, Parents of Abby ‘24
Harvey and Tasia Stern, Parents of Milena ’24
Ezequiel Szafir, Parent of Sebastian ‘24
Lara and Eric Tochner, Parents of Lily ’27
Stuart and Betty Tochner, Parents of Maya and Jonah ‘25
Eric and Michelle Wallace, Parents of Sofia ’26
Dr. Bruce Yawitz and Kathy Emanuel, Parents of Samantha ‘25
David and Adina Zbriger, Parents of Adam ’26
Orit and David Zeichick, Parents of Zachary ’25
Mark Zitter and Jessica Nutik Zitter, Parents of Sasha ‘24


To qualify for membership, parents commit to a minimum gift of $500 annually.
We thank you for your leadership and commitment!

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