Passover 2023 is April 5-13th

Passover registration is now open! Read below for descriptions of all of our Seder options. Deadline to register is April 3rd!

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  • Seder Options - April 5th

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    All other seder options are full.
  • Family Seder with Rabbi Adam

    Join us for a classic Seder that covers the Hagaddah and all the elements you remember at your family Seders. Just like at home, we'll go around the room and read the Hagaddah together. It will be lively and interactive! 
  • This is the Bread of Our Affliction: A Sensory Seder with Rav Maya

    During the Seder, we don't just tell the story of the Exodus, we see, smell, feel, and taste liberation," says Rabbi Jill Jacobs. Join Rav Maya as we sense our way through the Seder's symbols. We'll spend time contemplating each cup of wine, every bite of matzah, every drop of salt water and how each element of the Seder helps us experience the liberation we're commanded to feel on this auspicious night.
  • Hebrew-Speaking Seder

    Join Shaked and Lior for an Israeli Passover Seder in Hebrew! We'll read the Haggadah, sing, and generally be loud in Hebrew. Fluency not required!
  • Social Justice Seder

    Join student leaders in a peer-led Seder that connects the themes of the Haggadah to modern issues of the need for justice, liberation, and systemic change. In this seder you can expect lots of participation, readings in English and lively discussion!
  • Grad Student Seder

    While graduate students are welcome at any of our Berkeley Hillel Seders, this one is JUST for graduate students! Join us for a traditional Seder and an opportunity to build community. At this Seder, you can expect participatory reading, thoughtful conversation, and delicious food.
  • Choose from our fabulous Seder options! All seders will provide a delicious meal.
  • Seders on the 2nd night of Passover will be hosted in staff members' homes.
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Passover Meal Schedule

Register for Kosher for Passover Meals during Passover! All meals will be served at Berkeley Hillel. Supplies are limited, so please RSVP!

While many of our meals are open to the wider community, we are limiting the registration for kosher-for-Passover meals to only students who identify as Jewish.

  • Friday, April 7th: Kosher for Passover Shabbat at Berkeley Hillel
  • Sunday, April 9th, 6:00pm: Chol Hamoed KFP Dinner (Registration Required)
  • Monday, April 10th, 6:00pm: Chol Hamoed KFP Dinner (Registration Required)
  • Tuesday, April 11th, 8:00pm: KFP Yom Tov Meal (Registration Required)
  • Wednesday, April 12th 8:00pm: KFP Yom Tov  Meal (Registration Required)

Register for KFP Meals Here!