Passover 2019 is April 19th – 27th

First-night Seder is April 19th  at 7 p.m. at Berkeley Hillel. See below for a list of Seder options.

Passover registration has closed. 

Your Family Seder

Led by Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman

Join us for a classic Seder that covers the Hagaddah and all the elements you remember at your family Seders.  Just like at home going around the room and reading a paragraph from the Hagaddah.  It will be lively and interactive.

All are welcome!


Experiential Yoga Seder

Led by Leah Kahn

In this Seder experience, we will merge the traditional framework of the Haggadah with the spiritual practice of yoga and will lead us to develop a deeper personal understanding of the themes of Passover. We will begin the evening on our yoga mats and our experience will include reading out loud, meditation, partnered learning and yoga practice.
Our seder will conclude by eating a full meal at a table. No prior yoga experience necessary. Bring your stretchy pants!


QJew Seder

Led by Amelia Fineberg and QJew

All LGBTQI + ally folx welcome to join QJew, Hillel’s Queer Jewish club, in this inclusive seder that will explore liberation and oppression using the framework of Pesach and the Haggadah to lead the way. We will sit around the table and engage in the Haggadah with additional conversation and discussion around LGBTQI topics. The seder will last around 1.5 hours.


Feminist Seder

Led by Lauren Schuchart and Molly Shapiro

Calling all Feminists! Join us for a toast(x4) to the kick-ass womxn of past and present that continue to inspire us with their strength, resilience, and vision for a more just world. Using song and story, we will spend the evening exploring the Seder through a feminist lens. How do womxn figure into a narrative largely shaped by male voices? Which heroines would you invite to the table? If you’re looking for a creative, thought-provoking space to celebrate the first night of Passover, this may be the Seder for you!

This seder will be cozy on the floor with pillows, will last around 2 hours. All are welcome!


JIY Seder

Host your own Seder this Passover and Hillel will help you out! Host a Seder at your place, your way, with your friends. Bring in your favorite traditions, songs, and readings without having to worry about finding a shank bone! Hillel will provide you with Haggadot, a complete Seder plate, and reimburse you up to $5 per person for food!

To host a JIY Seder, email Savyon at


Chol Hamoed Catered Meals

Register for Kosher for Passover Meals during Passover!


We’ll be having Kosher for Passover catered meals at Hillel during the week of Passover. That’s on top of the fridge full of matzo pizza fixins and yummy KFP snacks.  But you must register by Friday, April 19th at Noon!

Saturday, April 20th: Second Night Seder JIY or Home Hospitality

Sunday, April 21st: Leftovers and Matzah Pizza at Hillel

Monday, April 22nd: Catered Kosher for Passover (KFP) Dinner at Hillel

Tuesday, April 23rd: Catered KFP Dinner at Hillel

Wednesday, April 24th: KFP Weekly BBQ

Thursday, April 25th: Catered KFP Dinner at Hillel

Friday, April 26th: KFP Shabbat Dinner