Berkeley Hillel Wellness Resources

At Berkeley Hillel we support you. ALL the parts of you.

We are pleased to offer FREE wellness support to all students on campus. By promoting and advocating for the mental health of students we aim to increase awareness as well as promote healthy coping skills. We believe your emotional and social well-being is just as important as your academics and less stress can often improve academic performance. We offer services to all UC Berkeley students, graduate, and undergraduate.

One-on-one support:

We offer students up to ten sessions of one-on-one therapy with Hagar Ben-Eliezer, M.C./B.C.C., our Mental Health Clinician. You don’t need to be having a serious struggle to reach out for support! Some reasons you may consider scheduling 1-on-1 sessions may include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • A desire to engage in personal growth
  • Exploring your identity
  • Hard time with family or roommates
  • Upset about the pandemic
  • Feeling worried about school, struggling with perfectionism, or procrastination
  • Just wanting someone to talk to!

Ben-Eliezer, M.C./B.C.C., Berkeley HIllel’s Wellness Therapist on staff

All you need to do to schedule time with Hagar is text or call her at (510) 988-3672 or email her at

Same-day Support

We recognize that sometimes you just need someone to talk to at the moment, or need support sooner than later.  Call or text Hagar on weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Reserve a time to talk same-day at (510) 988-3672. Hagar will do her best to set up a same-day time to talk with you.

There is no reason too big or too small to reach out for support, and you are welcome to call even if you just feel like chatting with someone!

Support Groups:

Looking to find a community of people who get what you are going through? We get it! Currently seeking your ideas for support groups – Got a suggestion? Let me know! Email

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make a therapy appointment?
Hillel offers appointments with the Wellness Therapist for any UC Berkeley student affiliated with Hillel or connected to folks who are part of Hillel. You do not need to be active at Hillel or identify as Jewish. We welcome all students to reach out for support.
How Do I Make an Appointment?
 You can reach out to the therapist by calling or texting at (510) 988-3672, or email at, or on Instagram, @berkeleyhillelwellness.
So How Does it Work?
Therapy can be incredibly helpful when you are managing stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, depression, family conflict, or interpersonal challenges. Sometimes we are clear on what we want to work on, other times with the help of a therapist we can identify the source of the pain and learn new coping skills to take care of ourselves. Some folks feel better after one appointment while others may need more support.
Our Wellness Therapist can see clients via zoom or in person at her office on Shattuck Avenue at Dwight (less than a mile from the Hillel building).
All students are welcome to see the therapist for up to 10 sessions per scholastic year. If at the end of the 10 sessions you are still in need of support, the therapist will work with you in finding long-term therapy.  All therapy appointments are 45 minutes in length.
Is this Really Free?
YES! During Covid-19 there was a dramatic increase in students seeking mental health support — more than what university resources could manage. Hillel was at the forefront of creating a solution by bringing on an accessible Wellness Therapist to meet the needs of students seeking support.

 Resources to check out

Campus Crisis Support:

Sexual Assault
In the event that you or someone you know is sexually assaulted, please do the following:
  • Get to a safe place first
  • Do not shower or change clothes
  • Call someone you would like to have with you
  • Call the police if you decide to report the assault and they will accompany you to the hospital for medical care and arrange for an advocate to be with you
  • For support and reporting options, call Path to Care at (510) 643-2005

Interpersonal Violence (Domestic Violence)

  • Get immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room
  • Bring a friend or family member for support, if desired
  • Call Path to Care (510) 643-2005: comprehensive support and help with restraining orders and emergency shelters
  • If you or others are in immediate danger, call campus police (510- 642-3333) or local police. Police can help with safety concerns and temporary restraining orders