Berkeley Hillel Wellness Resources

Berkeley Hillel is pleased to offer students wellness programming to support emotional and social wellbeing, and promote mental health during these challenging times. We offer services to all UC Berkeley students, both graduate and undergraduate. 

One-on-one support:

We offer students up to ten sessions of one-on-one therapy with Noa Grayevsky AMFT, our Mental Health Clinician. You don’t need to be having a serious struggle to reach out for support! Some reasons you may consider scheduling 1-on-1 sessions may include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • A desire to engage in personal growth
  • Exploring your identity
  • Hard time with family or roommates
  • Upset about the pandemic
  • Feeling worried about school, struggling with perfectionism, or procrastination
  • Just wanting someone to talk to!

All you need to do to schedule time with Noa is text or call her at (510) 944-4462 or email her at

Drop-in hours:

We recognize that sometimes you just need someone to talk to at the moment, or need support day-of.  Whether or not you are registered for therapy sessions, we have your back. Noa offers a drop-in hour every weekday from 12-1 p.m.

To reserve a time to talk in the drop-in window, text Noa anytime that day at (510) 944-4462 and she will do her best to set up a same-day time to talk with you. If you can’t make it during the drop-in time, Noa will work with you to schedule another time to talk as soon as possible. 

There is no reason too big or too small to reach out for support, and you are welcome to use the drop-in time even if you just feel like chatting with someone!

Support Groups:

This spring, we are delighted to be launching groups for students to connect with one another and find warm and confidential support. 

Queer and Jewish Support group:

In this warm, accepting, and confidential space, students who identify as queer, questioning, or anywhere on the LGBTQI and gender spectrums are welcome. This group will provide connection, support, information, and enjoyment. We will explore topics that are important to group members, build community, offer care to one another, and have fun. 

This will be an ongoing group with a vibrant and warm community feeling. Non-binary, gender variant, genderqueer, and genderfluid folks, as well as people of all races, ethnicities, and relationships with Judaism welcome.

*Begins late-February, 2021* To register or for more information, call or text Noa at (510) 944-4462 or email her at

Walk and Talk:

In this group, we will check-in with one another about how we are doing and unload about the stress of our weeks on a group call—all while taking a walk! This group is an awesome way to stay active and have fun while getting to know and be known in a small group setting.

We will learn mindfulness, self-care, and other stress management strategies that will support us as we move through this difficult time together. As a part of the group, members will have the opportunity to be paired with buddies to check in with throughout the week around their self-care goals.

This group will meet once weekly for 4 weeks. Day and time will be determined by participant availability. 

*Begins Mid-February 2021* To register or for more information, call or text Noa at (510) 944-4462 or email her at

Get a virtual coffee with a staff member

Berkeley Hillel staff are here for you! Whether you’re going through a tough time, or just want to talk about Hillel opportunities, you can schedule a time to talk with any member of the Hillel staff. Click on a staff member’s name below to schedule a time.