Shabbat at Berkeley Hillel

We’re so happy you’re spending Shabbat with us. Shabbat is an opportunity to unplug from the week and plug into rest of all kinds. On shabbat, we invite you to step away from school, technology, and other stressors of the week, and step into holy rest and celebration! 

We’re happy to offer several ways to celebrate Shabbat safely! While with us, please wear a mask. 

קָרָאתָ לַשַּׁבָּת עֹנֶג," (ישעיה נח) זוֹ הַדְלָקַת הַנֵּר בַּשַּׁבָּת"  
“You shall call Shabbat a delight,” (Isaiah 58) This refers to lighting candles for Shabbat.
(Midrash Tanchuma)

6:00 pm – Candle lighting with staff (from 6 onward, candles will be available for individuals to light as they arrive at Hillel) 

Join Hillel staff each week to light candles and bring in Shabbat! 

וַחֲכָמִים הָרִאשׁוֹנִים הָיוּ מְקַבְּצִין תַּלְמִידֵיהֶן בְּעֶרֶב שַׁבָּת וּמִתְעַטְּפִים וְאוֹמְרִים בּוֹאוּ וְנֵצֵא לִקְרַאת שַׁבָּת הַמֶּלֶךְ
The ancient sages used to assemble their disciples on Friday, put on their best clothes, and say: "Come, let us go out to
 meet the royal Sabbath."
(Mishneh Torah)

6:15 – Kabbalat Shabbat 

Come together in song, meditation, and prayer to welcome Shabbat with your Berkeley Hillel community. We gather each week for Berkeley Hillel Minyan, a joyful prayer space that is open and accessible to all. Interested in leading a part of the service? Want to bring a melody you love? A poem you want to share? An intention you want to set? Let Rav Maya or Ben Haberman know, or be in touch if you want to learn how to do any of those things!

אמר רב: אפילו דבר מועט ולכבוד שבת עשאו הרי זה עונג
Rav said: Even with regard to a small item that one prepared to honor Shabbat, it is indeed a delight.
(Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 118)

7:15– Shabbat Dinner Outside!

There’s always a place at our Shabbat table! Join us in the auditorium for Kiddush and motzi, followed by a home-cooked shabbat dinner to be enjoyed out in the courtyard. Come for the yummy food, stay for the company and holy vibes! 

Want to host your own shabbat dinner? We’re happy to provide you with all you need to make that happen. Sign up and let us know what you need here.