Berkeley Hillel Student Board

All board members are stewards of the Jewish community and abide by ABC… Always Be Connecting. Berkeley Hillel Student Board members show up for the community. Student Board members welcome students, listen and lead, and make new friends in our diverse ecosystem. Student Board members make our presence known as community leaders through authentic, meaningful connection.

The Student Board positions are year-long commitments, and we recognize that many students study abroad or spend semesters away from campus. If you plan to study abroad during one of the two semesters and you are excited about applying to the Student Board, please still submit your application, as we will make determinations on a case-by-case basis. If you have clarification questions on this matter, please reach out to Jess at

Read on for position descriptions and how to apply!

Position Descriptions:


What you’ll do:

  • Facilitate weekly Student Board Meetings and create the agenda
  • Attend Berkeley Hillel Staff Standing meetings every Monday morning to update staff on calendar and student initiatives
  • Be the public face of Hillel: be a regular presence in the building and at Hillel initiatives
  • Check in once per month with all Vice Presidents on their projects and programs
  • Work closely with community stakeholders, campus leaders, and campus administrators to support Jewish life at Cal
  • Meet with other student leaders, both Jewish and non-Jewish; network and collaborate with groups outside of the Jewish community on campus
  • Plan, implement, and host at least three events/programs per semester
  • Drive and/or support student-initiated events at Hillel
  • Coordinate Student Board presence at weekly programs, Holidays, and student initiatives


Vice President of Social Action

What you’ll do:

  • Oversee Hillel’s climate advocacy and education efforts
  • Facilitate Hillel’s Mitzvote campaign during election seasons, hire Mitzvote interns, and work with students and staff to mobilize voter outreach and engagement
  • Create partnerships with local advocacy and direct service organizations to host collaborative programs around your social justice area of interest (i.e. housing, food insecurity, climate change, reproductive justice, etc)
  • Foster relationships with leaders of Hillel social justice groups including Repair The World, Dayenu, Crafting Consent, Care Closet, etc.
  • Organize at least two large volunteer events per semester with other student social justice organizations (includes organizing an annual Berkeley Project)
  • Work directly with Hillel’s Director of Community Engagement and Social Action to form arc of social justice programming at the beginning of the semester

Vice President of Student Programs

What you'll do:
  • Develop, plan, and implement at least 5 programs per semester
  • Work with Senior Jewish Educator to add elements to existing Holiday and Shabbat programming
  • Coordinate student involvement in specific Shabbat and holiday roles (i.e. writing and reading drashot)
  • Work with Schultz Engagement and Leadership Fellows to plan semester events
  • Work with Israel Fellow to plan and implement Israel-related programming
  • Think about what social/community events to add to the weekly calendar (i.e. movie nights, music events, speakers, sports and wellness)  
  • Support staff with Welcome Week programming
  • Support students in hosting events at Hillel
  • Organize and lead monthly class-specific events

Vice President of Student Groups

What you'll do:
  • Liaise between all student groups housed at Hillel (examples include Bears for Israel, Dayenu, Tikvah, Ga’avah, Klezmer, C4H, etc)
  • Help create new interest groups within Hillel (i.e. acapella, hiking group, arts group, sports, Jewish Greek Council,  etc)
  • Communicate and meet regularly with leaders from various affinity groups, offer resources and support
  • Support students in creating new student groups
  • Arrange host groups for weekly BBQs
  • Host student group fair at beginning of each semester
  • Support student group leaders in creating programs at Hillel and on campus

Vice President of Graduate Student Communities

What you’ll do:

  • Meet weekly with student leaders in various graduate communities to offer Hillel’s support to their events and programs
  • Think creatively about how to engage graduate student communities that do not ordinarily see Hillel as a space for them
  • Plan graduate-specific events, both in and outside of Hillel’s building (i.e. Jewish Grad Student Night at Free House)
  • Coordinate with existing Jewish graduate groups (ex: JSABL)
  • Host graduate students for Shabbat Across Berkeley
  • Work directly with Hillel’s Director of Leadership to implement programs and events