Challah For Hunger

Join us at UC Berkeley’s favorite challah braiding club: Challah for Hunger. Come braid with us Thursday evenings at Hillel. Embrace your inner baker, whether experienced or brand new. Let’s create connections, memories, new lasting friendships, and a world with fewer empty stomachs. Freshmen finding their footing and seniors leaving their legacy-everyone is welcome to join hands and braids <3
Can’t stay for the braid? No worries! We’ve got you covered with pick up orders. Enjoy your challah for Shabbat by pre ordering while contributing to a meaningful cause. Let’s rise together. @calcfh

Dafne Faitelson, President

Shalom everyone! I am a senior studying Molecular Environmental Biology and Anthropology. I am passionate about bringing awareness to health-related issues in our communities through education and action while uniting the community. Challah for Hunger is a space of love and care in my community, focusing on bringing awareness of food insecurity to our campus and surrounding communities. Come braid with me every Thursday at 6 pm and check out our Instagram: @calcfh. I am also very involved in sport and love to be outside in nature, hiking, or camping! I love running, swimming, and lifting weights!



Hannah Fahuna, President


Hi! My name is Hannah (she/her) and I’m a senior from Los Angeles 🙂 I am studying microbio and Spanish literature. I’m passionate about the environment and all things science in general. I am also very proud of the fact that I am a black belt in Taekwondo. As president of Challah for Hunger, I strive to create meaningful and fun social gatherings while practicing the Jewish tradition of making Challah. Come say hi to me every Thursday evenings at Hillel for our braidings.