Rachel Horning

Rachel Horning is a Senior Account Executive in the Los Angeles RALLY office. She has served the Los Angeles County region as a communications specialist for five years, first as the Communications Director at the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce and later serving as the Communications Director for the Los Angeles County Business Federation. Her responsibilities have included advocating for job creation and economic development in LA County and the state of California more broadly. Throughout her career, she has nurtured a passion for merging the tech sector with the traditional business sector, overseeing digital content distribution and specializing in business advocacy and branding strategy.

Rachel co-founded Startups in the Sky, LLC in early 2015 with the goal of building a stronger pipeline between West LA’s Silicon Beach community and Downtown LA’s tech ecosystem. Today, Startups in the Sky is the largest running tech-event series in DTLA, bringing together over 150 startup founders, digital media specialists, artists, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs every month.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rachel holds a degree from UC Berkeley in Sociology and Public Policy. She proudly served as an ASUC Senator from 2010 – 2011, where she served as the Chair of the Finance Committee and represented the Jewish and Performing Arts communities. She is passionate about activating communities and is a self-proclaimed “tech connector.” Rachel currently resides in Downtown LA where she gets her New York fix, without the snow in the winter.