Shabbat at Berkeley Hillel

We’re so happy you’re spending Shabbat with us. Shabbat is an opportunity to unplug from the week and plug into rest of all kinds. We ask that while in the building, you keep your phone on silent and your laptops put away. Campus is full of places to study; when you’re here on Shabbat, we invite you to step away from school, technology, and other stressors of the week, and step into holy rest and celebration.

There’s always room at our Shabbat table; we just ask that you let us know if you’re coming!

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זוֹ הַדְלָקַת הַנֵּר בַּשַּׁבָּת  "וְקָרָאתָ לַשַּׁבָּת עֹנֶג," (ישעיה נח)
“You shall call Shabbat a delight,” (Isaiah 58) This refers to lighting candles for Shabbat.
(Midrash Tanchuma)

6:00 pm – Candle lighting with staff (from 6 onward, candles will be available for individuals to light as they arrive at Hillel)

Join Hillel staff each week at 6:00 pm in the lobby to light candles and bring in Shabbat! No need to be right on time; when your week ends, come by and light your own candles at our lighting station. We invite you to pause and reflect before bringing in Shabbat. Whether you’re spending your Shabbat evening with Hillel or just stopping by, candle lighting is an opportunity to have a moment of mindfulness. End your week and start your Shabbat with joy!

וַחֲכָמִים הָרִאשׁוֹנִים הָיוּ מְקַבְּצִין תַּלְמִידֵיהֶן בְּעֶרֶב שַׁבָּת וּמִתְעַטְּפִים וְאוֹמְרִים בּוֹאוּ וְנֵצֵא לִקְרַאת שַׁבָּת הַמֶּלֶךְ
The ancient sages used to assemble their disciples on Friday, put on their best clothes, and say: "Come, let us go out to
 meet the royal Sabbath."
(Mishneh Torah)

6:15-7:15 – Kabbalat Shabbat

We are excited to offer three soulful ways to ease into Shabbat every week! Find a Kabbalat Shabbat space you love and make it your makom kavua  (routine prayer spot), or hop from one option to the next each week! We invite you to join us for two spirited, musical tefilah (prayer) options, or for a weekly creative learning space. See below for descriptions of each of these offerings!   

Dov Den Minyan – Here you’ll find musical instruments and a mix of English and Hebrew prayers and songs.  

Beit Midrash Minyan – Here you’ll find singing in harmony to a traditional service of Hebrew prayers and songs.  

Classroom Minyan – Here you’ll find a creative way to bring in Shabbat each week. Join a staff member for a Kabbalat Shabbat lab, to welcome Shabbat through arts, movement, and learning

You’re also welcome to hang out in the lobby and kitchenette, where there are board games and schmoozing aplenty!

אמר רב: אפילו דבר מועט ולכבוד שבת עשאו הרי זה עונג
Rav said: Even with regard to a small item that one prepared to honor Shabbat, it is indeed a delight.
(Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 118)

7:30 – Shabbat Dinner 

You’re always invited to our Shabbat table! Every Friday evening you’ll find us in the auditorium, where we’ll make Kiddush, bless the challah, and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our kitchen interns. Shabbat dinner offers us the chance to delight in shabbat as a community. Our sages teach us that shabbat is a taste of the World to Come; so park your phone, pull up a chair, and enjoy!

We’ll be inviting you to shabbat starting August 27th! Let us know if you’re coming below!