Shabbat 500 Sponsorships

In partnership with Chabad, our team will raise 100% of the cost of the event, $20,000! We hope that you will support our students today by making a donation by April 20th.

What is Shabbat for 500?

On April 20th, 2018, Berkeley Hillel and Chabad will host Berkeley’s inaugural Shabbat 500, a free shabbat dinner which brings together 500 university students from different backgrounds to share in the profound communal experience of Shabbat dinner.

Why is Shabbat 500 important?

  • It unifies the Jewish community on campus.
  • It gives leadership opportunities to over 50 students.
  • It connects people from diverse backgrounds to break bread together through a Jewish tradition.
  • All of the funds raised by the Shabbat 500 will offset the costs of hosting the event.

Please share in the tradition and help us reach our goal to raise $20,000 by April 20th!


Sponsor Shabbat 500