Room Descriptions

We’re so excited to welcome students to our newly renovated building! Our capacity for meetings and events has increased and previously existing spaces have changed. Please be sure to visit the Events Calendar to see what’s been booked, and read about each space before making a reservation.

Your Rental Includes:

  • One set-up of chairs and tables (Berkeley Hillel can provide limited chair and table options)
  • Trash, compst and reqycling bins are provided and removal of all debris
  • See below for room-specific amenities

Bakar Auditorium & Banquet Room (2nd floor)

Capacity: 230 lecture seating, 180 banquet seating

Amenities: Built-in Projector, speakers, microphones, optional outdoor deck access

Dov Den Lounge (1st floor)

Capacity: 80 lecture seating, 40-50 at conference tables, 60-70 at banquet tables

Amenities: Optional Smart TV cart with Chromecast, Modular and moveable lounge furniture, Kitchenette

Rodan Beit Midrash (3rd floor)

Capacity: 50 lecture seating, 25-30 conference-style seating

Amenities: Optional Smart TV cart with Chromecast

Classroom (1st floor)

Capacity: 50 lecture seating, 25 conference seating

Amenities: 85″ Smart TV with Chromecast, Conference phone, Video Conferencing, optional courtyard access

Lapan Conference Suite (2nd floor)

Capacity: 12 lecture seating, 12 conference seating

Amenities: Smart TV with Chromecast, Whiteboard

Cohn Family Conference Room (3rd floor)

Capacity: 18 lecture, 12 conference seating

Amenities: Whiteboard, Optional Smart TV with Chromecast