Being Jewish at UC Berkeley: A Program for Parents in Los Angeles



We are both truly thrilled to host this special event for the Berkeley Hillel in the Los Angeles area!  Our children, Maya and Jonah, have just started this year as freshmen at the University.  It’s been an exhilarating challenge, of course, to start a new life in college, and we very much believe that Hillel has helped to make that transition much easier.

Whether it’s Shabbat dinner and davening, mid-week meals, or just finding a friendly, clean, beautiful place to hang and study, Hillel has simply been there for our children at Berkeley.

We want to do what we can to help this wonderful organization serve as the center for U.C. Berkeley’s Jewish life, and as our children’s home away from home.  We hope you’ll join us too.  Go Bears!

Betty and Stuart Tochner


Betty and Stuart Tochner, Hosts  Parents of Jonah and Maya

Robin and Barry Steinmetz, Parents of Abby Steinmetz ’23
Michele and Scott Layne, Parents of Ethan Layne ’23
Jana and Bruce Richland, Parents of Josh Richland ’24
Michele and Jeremy Bollinger, Parents of Isie Bollinger ’24
Laura-Beth and Jack Sholkoff, Parents of Ronit Sholkoff ’22
Yvette and Paul Joffe, Parents of Ian Joffe ’23
Pam Kunick Cohen and Mitch Cohen, Parents of Gaby ’24
Karen and Zev Fried, Parents of Lucy ’24