What is Jew It Yourself?

A way to host a fun event for the Jewish Community!

WAYS YOU CAN USE JIY: JIY is both for Jewish events like Shabbat dinner, a Havdalah event, or a fun celebration of another Jewish holiday AND for any event that allows you to engage in Jewish community- think fun, creative, and specific to you!

Hillel will provide the necessary space and materials (snacks, supplies, etc.) to make your event a JIY success!

You can either host an event in your own home OR reserve space to host a Jewish event in the Hillel building*!

*we ask that if your event is hosted in the Hillel building, it be open to the greater Hillel community


  • Shabbat dinner with your friends at your dorm or apartment!
  • A trip to the farmer’s market & cooking Shabbat brunch!
  • Havdalah and movie night in the Hillel lounge
  • Jewelry making, board game night, cupcake decorating, the possibilities are endless!

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form above  
  2. Once your event is approved, you will receive an email with details about what we can provide for your event, including how to use the building, reimbursement info, etc.
  3. We will assemble your custom JIY kit, and arrange a time for you to pick it up

Questions or ideas? Email Savyon Sordean at ssordean@berkeleyhillel.org