Why I Give

“I support Berkeley Hillel because it’s one of the most effective agencies that’s in the business of Jewish continuity. Not only do I see Berkeley Hillel provide an array of deeply meaningful Jewish experiences to a large number of young people who are at a critical stage in their identity formation, but also in my role as a Board member I have observed that the organization is operated with admirable efficiency. On all counts, my wife Eileen and I feel that Berkeley Hillel is an excellent investment of our philanthropic dollars.”

– Rob Ruby z”l, Berkeley Hillel Board President, 2010-2016






505423e991ef1.image “I didn’t grow up in a very religious household; we were culturally Jewish.  As my husband and I set up our house and home we also created an environment that was more culturally Jewish than religious.  My boys all felt very Jewish. Our practice was more about food than temple, but we always had Friday night dinners as a family.  I have fond memories of my grandmother cooking for everyone.  Friday night dinners helped bond my family.  When I went to Hillel and saw so many students celebrating together and sharing a meal, I was inspired to do what I could to help support that this would always exist.  I see it as the natural intersection between my life-long commitment to education and to Jewish community.”

— Pat Lapan, z”l






“Hillel is an open and inclusive place where young Jews can engage and explore their Jewish identities. We are inspired to leave a legacy gift to Hillel because, with others’ legacy gifts, it will help ensure tomorrow’s Jewish community. In this way, it is an important fulfillment of our responsibility to honor our parents.” — Lenny and Linda Cohen, Legacy Society Members







avivgilboa “Berkeley Hillel became a haven for me at Cal. One that empowered me with Jewish learning, network, and belonging. Without the support of Berkeley Hillel throughout my years as an undergrad, I would’ve never had the confidence or the resources to accomplish my goals as a leader on campus.”

— Aviv Gilboa, Class of 2013, Current Berkeley Hillel Board Member