DIY Tefillin Workshop


Tefillin…Phylacteries? Make your own Kosher set!

Join Berkeley Hillel and Rabbi Noah Greenberg, renowned artist from Tzfat, Israel for an incredibly unique opportunity!

In this program, you will spend a few days making your own set of kosher Tefillin. The ritual of Tefillin often times can be foreign for many people and difficult to connect with. Through this process, you will get an inside understanding of what Tefillin is along with ending with a set of Tefillin usually costing ($400) and you will have them for the rest of your life. Usually, this project is done over the course of several weeks but working with Noah we are able to do this over the course of a few days.

The workshop will take place at Hillel the following times:
Sunday, October 21st: 2pm-6pm
Monday, October 22nd: 6pm-9pm
Wednesday, October 24th: 6pm-9pm
Sunday, October 28th: 2pm-5pm

Questions? Email Rabbi Adam at

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