Director of First Impressions Job Description

The Directors of First Impressions at Berkeley Hillel are a cohort of welcoming, friendly, attentive students who act as the face of the Hillel community. They work at the front desk and welcome new and returning people to the building, oversee the minute-by-minute needs of the lobby and lounge, and help Hillel be the safest, most welcoming community possible. Based on the principles of Audacious Hospitality, the Directors of First Impressions actively engage one-on-one and in group settings with all members of the Berkeley Hillel and UC Berkeley community to serve as the entry point for students to participate in a Jewish community.

A typical shift as a Director of First Impressions:

You’ll start your shift by making sure the front lobby is clean and organized. As people enter the building you’ll welcome them, offer them tea or coffee, and if they’re here for an event or meeting, make sure they know where they’re going. Maybe they’re just here to study, so you tell them where they can go and about some of the resources Hillel offers. As you close your shift, you’ll make sure the kitchenette is stocked and make a pot of coffee.

Some duties may include:

  • Act as the first point of contact for any/all visitors; be the ultimate source of information regarding Berkeley Hillel and its programs, the building, and events
  • Set up meeting rooms for groups using space at Hillel, and know what’s happening in the building during your shift

Desired Skills

  • The desire to create a friendly, accessible, welcoming community and display that in and out of the building. Be an ambassador of Hillel at all times, not just at the desk
  • Be friendly, attentive, and willing to talk to anyone
  • Knowledge of Berkeley Hillel’s programs, community, partners, and student groups
  • Previous office experience a plus


  • Hourly wage of $16.99 per hour, the City of Berkeley’s minimum wage
  • This is a work-study-eligible position

Availability and scheduling:

  • Must be able to schedule 4-6 hours each week at the Front Desk, including nights and some Sundays
  • Must attend bi-weekly meeting time, TBD
  • As needed at will extra hours for weekend/evening events

Email Emily at to apply!