Crafting Consent Fellowship Application

  • Description

    Crafting Consent is a year long fellowship in which womxn learn about the different components of consent, healthy relationships, empowerment, and the overall strength of womxnhood. We will be learning using our minds and our bodies, through relaxing and intentional crafts as well as Jewish texts, workshops, and group activities. Looking at our own ability to self advocate and learn about the power we both have and strive to gain will be an important part of this year long experience as we navigate boundaries, sexuality, the workplace, and friendships. Through craft-work and learning about self-advocacy and consent education, each fellow will have the experience to explore their own identity and creativity. The fellowship cohort will meet once a week for the academic school year and will go through six modules. Each module will include a craft workshop, a consent education workshop, a Jewish learning session, and a professional development workshop. Finally, fellowship participants use the skills they gain and bring them to the community, through a partnership with Shalom Bayit and various other avenues. This fellowship aims to be fun and enriching for the cohort and the greater community, and to provide an opportunity for students to explore hands on creation and mentorship. By the end of the program, the students will feel empowered and have the ability to empower other womxn, those in the Jewish community, and the Bay Area.