Building Rental FAQs


1. What does Hillel provide?

We can provide Judaica such as a siddurim, tallitot, kippot, an ark, and a podium. We can provide basic sound equipment such as microphones (both wired and wireless), speakers, and a mixer. We provide tables (round or rectangular) and chairs (200). Tablecloths and tableware are not available. Additionally, a Torah is not available.

2. What kind of food can I bring serve?

During your rental, both of the Hillel Kosher kitchens will be locked and inaccessible. You may bring in whatever food you would like — regardless of hecksher.

3. Which spaces may be rented?

The auditorium may be rented and seats approximately 200. The upstairs chapel may be rented and seats approximately 50. Either space can be used for a service or a meal. The auditorium is best suited for a reception. Berkeley Hillel will provide ONE set-up per space per event, so if the space is turned over during the event (e.g. the auditorium is used for BOTH a service and a meal), the renter bears responsibility.

4. Will a staff member be present for my rental?

The Hillel event manager will be on-site during the event.

5. Can I serve alcohol?

Alcohol, served for ANY reason, including kiddush, is permitted only if the renter secures event insurance and pays Berkeley a fully-refundable Alcohol Deposit of $250 in case of incident. Event insurance can be obtained through your insurance agent, and is often added as a rider to one’s homeowners insurance.

6. Does Hillel offer parking?

In short, no. There are a few parking spots next to the building, which are only available on weekends. A renter may decide to reserve these spots for elderly or disabled guests. Otherwise, street parking is available or can be arranged by calling one of the local hotels, the UC Berkeley transportation department or local parking structures.

7. I would like to rent the space! What do I do next?

Please read the rental contract, the Kashrut policy and other building policies to ensure that your needs align with what we can provide. Then please find the complete the room reservation form on the Building Rental page. You will be connected to our Event Manager to see if we are able to accommodate your rental needs.

If it’s “a match,” we will meet in person to go over the rental contract. At the time of signing, 50% of the rental price must be paid, and all security deposits must be submitted. The remaining 50% is due a week prior to the rental date.