Berkeley Hillel Senior Awards

  • Berkeley Hillel Student Speaker

    Each year we ask a graduating senior to share a few words to Berkeley Hillel community. Please nominate a student that you would like to speak to the Berkeley Hillel Class of 2024.
  • Berkeley Hillel Senior Awards

    Each Year Berkeley Hillel Awards 3 deserving graduating students one of the Senior Awards. The three awards recognize the Jewish leadership and growth of these students. As a Senior, we ask you to nominate your peers for one or all of these awards. You may nominate more than one person for the same award.
  • Hineini Award: This award is given to those students who heed the call of the community with energy, enthusiasm and a ready smile. These students have been the pillars of Jewish life; they have been the cornerstone of the community’s work and celebration. The Hineini Award is presented to the student whose devotion and effort inspires others and allows our community to thrive.
  • Nachshon Award: According to legend, when the Jews left Egypt and arrived at the Red Sea the waters did not part until they entered them. The Israelites stood on the banks of the sea and argued, “You go first!” “No, you go first!:” Finally Nachshon Ben Aminadav walked into the water ahead of everyone else. Only when the water reached his neck, did the sea part. The Nachshon award is presented every year to an outstanding student leader who has demonstrated the qualities of the first Nachshon: A willingness to take the first step and show others the way.
  • Rabbi Akiva award: Though he came to study Torah much later in life, Rabbi Akiva dedicated himself to Torah study with enthusiasm. “All my learning is no more than like the fragrance of an Etrog; the one who scents it, enjoys it; but the Etrog loses nothing. Or it is as one who draws water from a spring, or lights a candle from a candle." The Rabbi Akiva Award is presented to a student who has made extraordinary time for Jewish learning during their college year’s, approaching their learning with humility, impacting their Jewish growth and commitment as an emerging Jewish adult.
  • Chazak Award: This award is given to the student group or initiative that has created a transformative experience for the Jewish students at Cal. Through their work they embody the values and commitment of Berkeley Hillel. The Chazak Award recognizes the group whose energy, passion and focus strengthen the entire Hillel community.