Are you a first year and want to get more involved with Hillel?

The Freshman Fellowship is recruiting for a new 2015 cohort! This cohort will be the main leaders that will build community within Hillel through meaningful programming, individual relationships, and leadership development experiences. Application is due November 21 at 11:59

Join us on Thursday, November 13 at 6:00 pm for an information session with the current fellows.. and eat delicious Sliver pizza!

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What’s your story?

Are you interested in a way to share your story, idea or experience?  Sign up to be a part of Berkeley Hillel’s first Tisch Talk, a TED Talk-style event following BBQ in the Spring Semester.  If you’re chosen to share your story, you will win a ticket to TEDxBerkeley, a session with renowned storyteller Jay Golden!  SIGN UP NOW!

Kosher on Campus!

Yes, you read that right.  Smoked turkey, Pastrami, and Egg Salad sandwiches are all Kosher and available NOW at:

  • The Golden Bear Cafe
  • Ramona’s
  • The Den-Unit 1&2
  • Bear Market-Unit 3
  • Cub Market-Foothill