Happy summer vacation!

Whether you’re sunning yourself on a beach in SoCal, traveling the world, working an internship, or hanging in Berkeley for summer school, we hope you’re having a great break. As for us, the staff is around planning for next year. So if you find yourself in our neighborhood, ring the bell to say hi. Our everlasting offer to buy you a cup of coffee at Strada is still valid in the summer.

- The Hillel Staff


Crafting Consent: A new fellowship at Hillel

Apply online today – applications accepted on an ongoing basis

Crafting Consent will be a semester long fellowship that aims to empower both it’s participants and the community through creation and learning about consent and self-advocacy. The fellowship cohort will meet once a week for twelve weeks, and will go through three modules. Each module will include learning a craft, a consent education workshop, and a Jewish learning piece relating to these topics. The final component will be for the fellowship participants to take the skills they have learned and bring this to the community. By the end of the program, students should feel empowered have the ability to empower others.For more information, email Mia Szarvas or Emily Grant. Click here to apply online.