Tara Raffi

Tara Raffi is the founder of Demi ObGyn, a startup that offers women convenient and responsive reproductive healthcare. Before working in health, Tara built McKinsey & Company’s internal tech fund and incubator, investing over $50 million in software to accelerate the work of McKinsey and its clients. She also worked in operations at a data startup and as a consultant at McKinsey. In between, she lived for a short time in Jerusalem and Ramallah working on economic analysis at the Office of the Quartet Representative to support the 2013 Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.  

Tara grew up in a suburb of Boston and then Los Angeles. She graduated from Berkeley in 2011, where she served as JSU President and was an ASUC Senator. She is married to another Berkeley grad (nobody remembers exactly, but it’s possible they met at Shabbat Dinner at Hillel.) She loves gardening with her dad, who is a rare fruit aficionado, and one day she hopes to know even a small fraction of what he does.