Sam Rubenstein

Title: President

1. Major/Year: Business Administration major, Spanish minor/ 3rd Year
2. Favorite Hillel activity/memory: My favorite Hillel activity is Wednesday night BBQ because I get to take a break from the hectic week and hang out with friends while meeting so many new people at the same time.
3. Favorite Jewish food: Latkes and matzo ball soup (specifically my mom’s because every Jewish moms’ matzo ball soup is the best, but my mom’s is really the best)
4. Why are you on the student board? My older sister was a senior at Berkeley when I was a Freshman, so she brought me to Hillel right away and introduced me to the warm community. However, I know that not everyone has an older sibling to show them the ropes and that’s why I wanted to be involved in Hillel’s leadership — to act as that guiding older sibling and make an inclusive space for others to find their mishpacha!
5. What else are you involved in on campus?  You can find me running all over campus (literally running). I am involved with the TAMID Group (a consulting club for Israeli startups), the Vice Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council on Financial Aid and Education, and have participated in research at the law school. I also work at the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office – let me know if you want to chat about loans wooohooo!