Ronit Sholkoff

Title: Holiday and Jewish Life Chair

Class of 2022

What’s your favorite Berkeley Hillel memory? 
My favorite Hillel memory is of the Freshmen Retreat. That Sunday, we happened to be at the Marin Headlands at the same time as a local fair. We attended the fair and group of us started dancing to the music played by a small band. We were joined by a woman, who subsequently began to show off her dance moves and before we even knew it, everyone was following this woman’s lead. We danced for at least half an hour, laughing and smiling together.
What’s your favorite Jewish food? 
Matzah Ball soup
Why are you on the Board and what are you looking forward to most? 
I’m on the board because being Jewish is such a crucial part of my life. As Holiday and Jewish Life Chair, I have the incredible privilege to help other students navigate their Jewish identity.
What else are you involved with at UC Berkeley?
I am involved in the ASUC, Theater for Charity, the Sexual Health Education Program, and am a Peer Educator at the PATH to Care Center.