Rebecca Steinberg

Title: Co-Chair for Community Development

What’s your Favorite Berkeley Hillel Memory?
Leading the W. J. Colen Freshman Retreat as an engagement fellow has been one of my fondest memories as a Hillel leader. Having already had an amazing time on retreat as a freshman, I was eager to foster a similarly transformative event for other students. Being able to facilitate a positive experience for new Jewish freshmen gave me the opportunity to lead intimate group discussions while also figuring out what it means to be a Jew on an individual level. The Freshman retreat really gives “community” a whole new meaning.
What’s your favorite Jewish Food? 
Apricot jelly-filled Hamantaschen
Why are you on the Board and what are you looking forward to the most?
Berkeley Hillel has given me an invaluable opportunity to develop my own Jewish identity while also acting as a cultural community leader. After being a Schultz Freshman Engagement Fellow, Board seemed like a natural transition for me, as I was eager to continue my leadership within Hillel on an elevated level. Most importantly, I want to positively give back to the community that acted as my first home at Berkeley. I’m looking forward to engaging as many new and current Jewish students as possible.