Josh Greenberg

Title: Engagement Chair

1. Major/Year: Intended Business Administration or Economics/1st Year
2. Favorite Hillel activity/memory: The Hillel Freshman Retreat completely transformed my experience at Cal. I met so many Jewish students, many of whom I now call my best friends, and I began to truly feel a part of the Hillel community.
3. Favorite Jewish food: Bagels and Lox
4. Why are you on the student board? As soon as I became a Cal student, Hillel quickly became a home for me. My passion and love for Berkeley Hillel naturally made me apply to the student board. I am excited to help Hillel continue to grow and thrive for all Jewish students.
5. What else are you involved in on campus? I am a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, the External Outreach Director for Bears for Israel, and an intern for the ASUC helping make academic resources more accessible to students.