Emily Baytalsky

Title: Fundraising Chair

Class of 2022

What’s your favorite Berkeley Hillel memory? 
The hours I spend in the building on any given week studying and hanging out.
What’s your favorite Jewish food? 
Bagel with Lox
Why are you on the Board and what are you looking forward to most?
I am on the board because I see building a strong Jewish community as one of the core goals and aspects of my being. Hillel has welcomed me in with open arms and been a huge aspect of my college career thus far, and I see the board as a way not only to give back but also to take charge of this institution that means so much to me.
What else are you involved with at UC Berkeley?
I am a part of Berkeley’s TAMID chapter, which focuses on experiential learning through business consulting with Israeli companies. I am currently the director of operations for the club. Also, I am a computer science instructor with Juni Learning; I do private lessons in coding for kids ages 5-18. I am also a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority.