Elizabeth Shehter

Title: Social Action Co-Chair

1. Environmental Science Major, and hoping to get a minor in Data Science, Sophomore (2021)
2. Favorite Hillel Activity/Memory: When UCB cancelled school the Friday before Thanksgiving break, the whole campus emptied out, being outside was very depressing, but I went to Hillel and spent the entire day there. Without planning to hang out with my friends, we all just happened to be there, we played Catan and studied together and just spent the day together in a place that felt warm and like a home when no one wanted to go outside, it became a day I look back on very fondly in a time of lots of unease and worry.
3. Favorite Jewish food: Malawah (its more of a Middle Eastern dish, very popular in Israel, basically just fried phyllo dough with toppings) also big fan of the Israeli salad (simple and good) 
4. Why are you on the student board? When I came to Berkeley, after never being involved with the Jewish or Israeli community prior, I somehow naturally got involved with Hillel. I was seeking out a community and Hillel gave me both the resources and the space to create that for myself, I made some of my best friends there and got some amazing opportunities in being a part of programs and leadership, such as co-organizing the Food, Justice, and Judaism workshop series or volunteering at soup kitchens, or going on a geopolitical trip
to Israel about the conflict. These have all allowed me to grow as a student at UC Berkeley and being on the student board is my way of sharing some of those experiences with other students; providing them with the same and more resources and opportunities to achieve social justice related initiatives and representing their interests, as well as continuing, improving, and expanding the community. 
5. What else are you involved in on campus: 
I’m a Mishelanu (Israeli student group) fellow, where I help organize and lead events for Israeli students, Hebrew speakers, and anyone else interested, with the hopes of bringing Israeli culture to campus and creating a space for Israeli students to have a feeling of home away from home (i.e. we just hang out a lot and have coffee). I’m also a co-facilitator of a Decal on Renewable Energy, Sustainble Development and Environmental Justice, where we lead discussions with students on a variety of issues and mostly bring in speakers from industry, non-profit, and academia to provide different prespectives. I also dance at an amazing studio in Berkeley 🙂