Annie Dauber

Annie Dauber is currently a freshman at UC Berkeley, leaning toward a major in Cognitive Science, Psychology, or Film. She moved up north from Los Angeles, where she attended Brentwood School. Annie is super involved with (and super in love with) BareStage, a student-run theater group on campus. She is absolutely obsessed with all of her friends from BareStage and from Hillel, and will never pass up an opportunity to brag about them. When she’s not studying, she spends most of her time walking around Berkeley (and fantasizing about her future home there), or taking her twice-daily naps. She will never be seen without headphones, and is always looking for new music suggestions!

Annie lives off of coffee and would love for you to help her foster her addiction. If you want to talk music (!!!), theater, or Netflix, she is 110% there.