Social Justice Fellows 2020-21

Nineteen Social Justice Fellows, each placed at different social justice, community, or advocacy organizations, meet weekly to learn, both in a group and in Chevruta, on a variety of social justice issues. The learnings consist of both curricula prepared and implemented by Micah Lesch, as well as various local social justice leaders who will call into weekly meetings. Speakers have included civil rights advocate, Joanne Bland, housing justice leader from GLIDE Church, Rabbi Michael Lezak, and many more!

Each Fellow is placed at a non-profit community/advocacy organization of their choice that fits within the realms of Berkeley Hillel’s mission to show up for communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. These nonprofits work in areas including civic engagement, climate advocacy, unhoused community support, violence prevention, food insecurity, education equity, indigenous folks support, or housing justice.