Leadership & Fellowship Opportunities

Fall 2020 Fellowships


Fellowships are among the richest educational opportunities at Berkeley Hillel and are made up of over 150 student fellows each year, in small learning communities focused on various topics. Fellows receive a stipend, build relationships with other students over coffee, and help create meaningful Jewish experiences for their peers.

Fall 2020: All Fellowships will be VIRTUAL and will be adapted using best practices for online learning.

The application is now LIVE! Click here to apply for fellowships.

Shabbat Hosting Lab : COVID Edition

The Shabbat Hosting Lab empowers you to create a Shabbat experience for yourself, your peers, or your family, wherever you find yourself during the pandemic. Using strategies from the book “The Art of Gathering,” by Priya Parker, you will learn real-life skills for cooking, hosting, curating meaningful ritual, and fostering a creative experience for others. Come learn how to make magic in your space by becoming a “Shabbat Creator.”

The Shabbat Hosting Lab will meet virtually on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm for 10 weeks.

Questions? Contact Lauren at lschuchart@berkeleyhillel.org .

Jewish Learning Fellowship

JLF provides a semester of intellectual and experiential learning for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism. We make no claims about the “right” way to practice or not to practice Judaism. Rather, we explore the tradition in a safe space in a community of friends and help you find your own place, on your terms, Jewishly.  We ask big questions — like Who am I? What communities am I a part of? What is worth committing myself to, and why? What kind of relationships do I want?

JLF meets virtually on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm for 10 weeks.

Questions? Contact Rabbi Adam at adamnk@berkeleyhillel.org

Crafting Consent Fellowship

Crafting Consent is a year-long fellowship for women that explores the issues of consent within contemporary topics, such as body, voice, work, and relationships. Fellows consider how consent can empower and enhance their life on campus, and bring more awareness to their campus life where consent is relevant. In each unit, a local organization working with domestic issues, Shalom Bayit, guest facilitates a session. Fellows learn classic Jewish stories within the lens of consent. At the end of each unit, fellows engage with topics in a physical way like participating in a self-defense workshop or constructing flower boxes. Fellows give back to the community by running workshops on campus to teach the campus community about consent.

Crafting Consent meets virtually 6:30-8:00pm on Thursdays.

Questions? Contact Emma at craftingconsent@berkeleyhillel.org

Senior Booze & Shmooze Fellowship

Seniors come together to schmooze, have a beer, and learn with Rabbi Adam. Each meeting, the group will learn Jewish texts and have great conversations to start processing the transition into life-after-college.

This fellowship is only open for seniors (or those graduating early). It will meet on Tuesday nights from 8:45-10:00pm. 

Questions? Contact Rabbi Adam at adamnk@berkeleyhillel.org


Fellowships & Leadership Opportunities to look out for in Spring 2020:


Schultz Engagement Fellowship

The Schultz Engagement fellows have been selected for 2020. For information about how to apply in 2021, reach out to Molly Shapiro at mshapiro@berkeleyhillel.org

Freshmen Track

Do you love meeting new people and making them feel welcome? Do you enjoy planning events and creating experiences for the community? In this fellowship, students explore effective leadership and community organizing through professional skill-building, group conversations, and event planning. Over the course of the fellowship, students will actively engage new students and provide an introduction to Jewish life at Cal through relationship-based engagement and community outreach. In addition to weekly cohort meetings, fellows will brainstorm, plan and put on various programs, including a Retreat in Fall 2020, hosting Shabbat Across Berkeley, and programming at Berkeley Hillel.

Upperclassmen Track

Do you like hosting events for your friends and peers? Would you consider yourself a connector in your social groups? Do you like inviting new people to try new things? This NEW track of the Engagement Fellowship is for upperclassmen who want to build a Jewish community and create connections among current students, transfer students, and their peers. With a greater focus on community building, Upperclassmen Engagement Fellows will meet weekly to explore effective engagement strategies and develop skills in community organizing by creating and facilitating events and programs. 

Questions? Contact Molly at mshapiro@berkeleyhillel.org  or Micah at mlesch@berkeleyhillel.org

Backstage Israel Fellowship

Are you excited about exploring your relationship with Israel? Did you spend a gap year or recently go on a Birthright trip?  Backstage Israel provides participants with a space in which to think critically and creatively about Israel, specifically in the areas of being a nation, freedom and what it means to have a land attached to diverse identities. In this fellowship, students will engage with Israel through compelling articles, exploring Israeli arts and media, and hearing from contemporary Israeli thinkers.

This fellowship will meet in Spring 2021

Questions? Contact Lauren at lschuchart@berkeleyhillel.org


Berkeley Hillel Student Board

The Berkeley Hillel Student Board is a group of diverse, ambitious, and visionary students who want to drive Berkeley Hillel towards its mission of enriching Jewish life on campus.

The student board has been selected for 2020. For more information about the board and how to be involved in 2021, contact Student Board President Josh Greenberg at studentboardpres@berkeleyhillel.org