Fellowship Opportunities

Spring Fellowships 2021


The application is CLOSED for Spring 2021. If you are interested in other learning opportunities, please reach out to Lauren at lschuchart@berkeleyhillel.org.


As we move through this strange school year, where so much has been flipped upside down, we are excited to be offering even more fellowships for Spring 2021.

In the fall semester, we learned from you that:

  • Fellowships are a rare opportunity to meet new friends in the Jewish community.
  • Fellowship meetings offers virtual experiences that are more interactive, fun, and connecting than academic classes.
  • Fellowship meetings are a ritual each week, an anchor for stability and support for the rest of the week.
  • Fellowships are fun, meaningful, and a great way to engage in Jewish community!

In Spring 2021, we are offering three different types of fellowships, all of which come with a $200 stipend:

Engagement & Community Building

Social Action

Jewish Learning

Engagement & Community Building

Schultz Engagement Fellowship Full!

The First-Year Engagement Fellowship and Upperclassmen Engagement Fellowship will be combining forces for the Spring 2021 semester! This brand new Schultz Engagement Fellowship will continue our efforts to engage first-years and upperclassmen, all while creating a large community of student engagers to connect with and learn from one another.

As a Fellow, you will:

    • Meet weekly as a cohort and with a student chair 
    • Meet weekly with students in one-on-one’s using Hillel’s peer to peer engagement strategies 
    • Have opportunities to participate in professional development (and grow Jewishly)
    • Be ambassadors for Hillel

Because we know that your time is important, you will earn a stipend of $250 for your time and efforts.

*If you are interested in participating in the Fellowship as a Student Chair, this will include an increase in stipend 

Social Action

Social Justice Fellowship (Full!)

The Berkeley Hillel Social Justice Fellowship is a brand new initiative where students have the unique opportunity to become leaders in local communities working on a variety of social justice issues including poverty, climate change, housing justice, food insecurity, civic engagement, racial justice, gun violence, education equity, and so much more! Driven by the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) and Tzedek (Justice), we will show up for the many communities that are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and will work to tackle systemic problems locally and globally. 

As a Social Justice Fellow, you will:

    • Be placed at the local nonprofit or advocacy organization of your choosing that is already doing important work in one of the aforementioned issue areas (if there are issue areas that you are passionate about that are not mentioned above, we’d love to include it!)*
    • Work towards bringing in 25 unique fellow students to volunteer, advocate, educate, and work with you at your organization
    • Participate in at least 10 “acts of service” over the semester
    • Attend weekly 1-hour social justice learning sessions with Hillel staff and various Jewish and non-Jewish social justice leaders in the Bay Area

Because we know that your time is important, you will earn a stipend of $250 for your time and efforts.

*Volunteering at your nonprofit or advocacy organization can be either in-person (so long as the appropriate precautions are observed) or virtually, depending on Fellow comfortability 

Jewish Learning

Jewish learning is a cornerstone of any Jewish community, and Berkeley Hillel staff offer creative, fun and meaningful cohort opportunities open to all. In Spring 2021, we are excited to offer several different learning cohorts, organized around different relevant and exciting themes. All learning fellowships will meet one hour per week, for 10 weeks. 

As a Jewish Learning Fellow, you will:

    • Meet weekly as a cohort for one hour to learn with a staff member and your peers.
    • Engage in lively discussions around the theme of the cohort.
    • Grow in your knowledge of Jewish tradition and text.

Because we know that your time is important, you will earn a stipend of $200 for your time and efforts.


Jewish Learning Fellowship 1.0: Life’s Big Questions (TWO cohorts: one just for first years!)

The Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) is a 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. College is not only a time to meet new people or to learn the skills of a profession. It is also a time to explore some of the big questions that orient a life well-lived. Who am I? What communities am I a part of? Who am I responsible for and why? What is the difference between love, lust, and intimacy? What is worth committing myself to and why? While these are universal questions, we believe they can be illuminated through the unique light of Jewish texts and traditions. In this class, we will explore the big questions of life as refracted through the Jewish tradition.

Jewish Learning Fellowship 2.0: Life’s Bigger Questions

JLF 2.0 is a new 10-week experiential, conversational seminar designed for alumni of JLF 1.0 who are looking to explore even more deeply Life’s Bigger Questions. JLF 2.0 has been designed to push the students further and challenging them more deeply and push them out of their comfort zone with more complicated concepts and topics. Topics include, Protest or Pray?, God or No God?, Practicing Gratitude!, What to Do When you have so many questions? 

Jewish Learning Fellowship: Israel’s Big Questions

Israel Big Questions Fellowship is a seminar for students who are looking to deepen their understanding of the Jewish states, why it was created and how it relates to us as Jews living in the diaspora. During the seminar we will ask questions like: Why Israel, and what is Zionism? What Israel was to people throughout history, and what could Israel be in the future? Should I care about Israel? And how does Israel relate to my Jewish identity? To answer these questions, we will look to classical and contemporary Jewish wisdom, to see what it might offer us as we work toward understanding peoplehood, engaging in constructive conflict, and living a life guided by Jewish values.

Jewish Learning Fellowship: Tackling Climate Change

Care for the planet, repairing the world, and living lightly on the Earth is a core Jewish Value but not a new concept. In the BRAND NEW fellowship, we’ll be looking at Jewish and contemporary sources to learn about what is happening in our world, and what we as Jews are obliged to do about it. 

We’ll cover topics such as:

      • Food systems and Jewish food
      • Water as a limited resource and bringer or life
      • Plants and animals and the next mass extinction

Jewish Learning Fellowship: Foundations of Judaism

All the material and topics we wish we knew about celebrating Jewish life. Once a week we will learn about a different aspect of Jewish life and practice. Topics include Books of the Bible, The Jewish Library, Jewish Calendar, Shabbat, the Siddur and Prayer along with many others.

Spring 2021: All Fellowships will be VIRTUAL and will be adapted using best practices for online learning.

The application is now LIVE! Click here to apply for fellowships.



The following fellowships are continuing from Fall 2020:

Crafting Consent Fellowship

Crafting Consent is a year-long fellowship for women that explores the issues of consent within contemporary topics, such as body, voice, work, and relationships. Fellows consider how consent can empower and enhance their life on campus, and bring more awareness to their campus life where consent is relevant. In each unit, a local organization working with domestic issues, Shalom Bayit, guest facilitates a session. Fellows learn classic Jewish stories within the lens of consent. At the end of each unit, fellows engage with topics in a physical way like participating in a self-defense workshop or constructing flower boxes. Fellows give back to the community by running workshops on campus to teach the campus community about consent.

Crafting Consent meets virtually 6:30-8:00pm on Thursdays.

Questions? Contact Emma at craftingconsent@berkeleyhillel.org

Senior Booze & Shmooze Fellowship

Seniors come together to schmooze, have a beer, and learn with Rabbi Adam. Each meeting, the group will learn Jewish texts and have great conversations to start processing the transition into life-after-college.

This fellowship is only open for seniors (or those graduating early). It will meet on Tuesday nights from 8:45-10:00pm. 

Questions? Contact Rabbi Adam at adamnk@berkeleyhillel.org