Fall 2021

Are you a new student at UC Berkeley? Congratulations on getting accepted! Whether you are a first year, second year coming to campus for the first time or a transfer student, we can’t wait to meet you. Please make sure to fill out our new student form so we can welcome you!

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While there are some uncertainties this Fall, one thing is for sure: we will do our best to bring you the vibrant, warm, and creative Jewish community that Cal is known for!

Fall Semester

Welcome Week

Learn about all of our Fall 2021 Welcome Week Opportunities on the Fall 2021 Welcome Week Page!

W.J. Colen Student Retreats

Our annual retreats are a long-time favorite of Jewish Cal Students, and are most often cited as the program that creates long-lasting friendships among students! This year, for the first time ever, we will be offering TWO student Retreats.

Both Retreats present an invaluable opportunity to get to know fellow students, meet and get to know the Hillel staff and student leaders, engage in bonding and learning activities, and most importantly, have FUN!

To register and learn more, click here!

“Coffee” Conversations

At Berkeley Hillel, we have a culture of students inviting each other to “coffee conversations,” an opportunity to get to know fellow students one-on-one and build Jewish community. Staff also enjoy getting to know students through coffee conversations! As a new student, expect to hear from us to grab a cup! And don’t worry, coffee can mean any beverage, or even frozen yogurt!


ReTurning, ReLearning, ReYearning: Beginning 5782 with Berkeley Hillel

Welcome the new Jewish year with Berkeley Hillel! As you return to in-person learning, living, and mingling, give yourself a chance to pause, pray, and play! As we begin the year 5782, Berkeley Hillel invites you to days full of opportunities to connect: to yourself, to your Jewish identity, and to your community.  We are excited to be offering two prayerful spaces throughout Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur along with a full schedule of visiting educators offering everything from traditional text study to learning through the visual arts!

To find out more about the holiday offerings and to let us know if you’re coming, click HERE. 

Following the High Holidays, we put up a big sukkah on our deck and in our courtyard to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot (September 20-28th). Programming may include:

    • Festive holiday meals under the stars in the sukkah
    • Creative student programming, whether it’s an art project in the Sukkah, a student group meeting, an afternoon music jam… the Sukkah is always full!
    • Jewish learning around themes of Sukkot, complete with delicious fall-themed Trader Joe’s treats (an annual tradition!)


Shabbat is at the core of what we do and it’s a way to gather and connect at the end of each week. We are so excited to welcome students back to Berkeley Hillel for Shabbat candle-lighting, services, and dinner each week at the start of the Fall 2021 semester! Learn more and let us know if you’re coming HERE.
LIGHT 6 p.m. Gather at Berkeley Hillel to light candles with the staff
INVITE 6:15 p.m. Three ways to invite Shabbat through prayer and creative learning
DELIGHT 7:15 p.m. Communal Kiddush,  a little Torah, and a delicious home-cooked Shabbat Dinner brought to you by the Berkeley Hillel Kitchen Interns
 Stick around after dinner for dessert and games or singing!



Berkeley Hillel offers diverse opportunities for small, cohort-based involvement. This is a great opportunity to build community with a small group of students. Many of these fellowships have been going strong virtually throughout the pandemic, and we hope to bring them back to in-person in the fall. Here are our fellowships for the Spring semester:

    • Schultz Engagement Fellowship
    • Jewish Learning Fellowship 1.0
    • Jewish Learning Fellowship: Foundations of Judaism
    • Crafting Consent Fellowship
    • Social Justice Fellowship
    • Mishelanu
    • Senior Booze & Schmooze

Stay tuned for applications!

Student Groups & Leadership

There are many student groups that work closely with Hillel, often meeting in our building and hosting exciting programs and speakers. These student groups recruit members and also offer leadership positions. If there is something that you’d like to create, let us know how we can make it happen!

To get involved in a particular group, or to start your own, email Director of Jewish Student Life, Micah Lesch at mlesch@berkeleyhillel.org .


Stay tuned for exciting travel opportunities with Berkeley Hillel!