Challah 4 Hunger

Challah 4 Hunger’s mission is to build a strong community based on social justice both abroad and at home. We hold weekly “braidings” with volunteers from across the Jewish community, baking challah with fun flavors like chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, and pretzel! After the challot bake, we sell them and donate 100% of our proceeds to charities that fight food insecurity. At UC Berkeley, we split our donations between Mazon, a national Jewish response to hunger, and the Berkeley Food Pantry. 

Come be a part of our community!

Weekly Braidings are Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Challah sales start at 7:30 p.m. We also do pre-orders and deliveries! 

Come bake a difference with us — all are welcome! 

To get more information, please email our board president, Miles King at

Meet the 2019-2020 Challah Board


  • Miles King

  • Emily Barnhart Ross

    Board member, Sales
  • Nicole Bral

    Board Member, Media
  • Jake Cunningham

    Board Member, Sales
  • Katie Dorinson

    Board Member, Late Shift
  • Brooke Elconin

    Challah Specialist
  • Natanya Faitelson

    Board Member, Late Shift
  • Sara Goldblatt

    Board Member, Sales
  • Alex Kaplan

    Board Member, Early Shift
  • Donna Kharrazi

    Board Member, Outreach
  • Alannah Paren

    Challah Generalist
  • Cami Sylvester

    Board Member, Early Shift
  • Cait Ushpol

    Board Member, Advocacy and Education